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My Seattle Painter and paper hangers provides expert residential wallpaper hanging and installation vinyl commercial wall coverings in Ballard, Blue Ridge, Bitter Lake, Broadview, North Beach, Crown Hill, Fremont, Greenlake, Loyal Heights, Magnolia, Meridian, Northgate, Phinney Ridge, Queen Anne, Shoreline, Wallingford, Woodland  neighborhoods of Seattle WA.

Make an ordinary room extraordinary.The addition of adding wallcovering or a beautiful paper print to a room can make what is now common special, and the ordinary room, an extraordinary living space. Adding a specialty wallcovering to a room wall is an easy wall to achieve a cool vibe and a pleasing visual experience. A quality paperhanging job will out shine the lesser always. A quality result begins with proper wall preparation. We will apply the correct primer to assure proper paper adhesion and easy wallpaper removal when its time to redecorate. Also if any plaster repairs are necessary we are experts at plaster restoration and repairs.

Choosing your wallpaper

The choice of the best wallpaper treatment will depend on the aesthetic quality you wish to imbue to the space as well as maintenance, ease of cleaning and wear and tear considerations. We will be happy to discuss these things during our free in home estimate.

How much will it all cost? Price of wall paper hanging services:

Quality equals the value you receive for the price you pay.

​The average cost/price for a bathroom install is about $275. for hanging 4 rolls paper to $575. for hanging 8 rolls and adhesive. Installation includes removal and re-install of typical wall towel bars, loosening of fixtures if possible,priming of walls and wall size. Not included are plaster repairs,hanging of liner paper,[needed for certain paper installations], Washington sales tax, and removal of any existent wall covering. 

 The average Kitchen will need 8 to 12 rolls of wallpaper and install will cost $495. to $875. Price includes moving refrigerator,priming and sizing walls, and adhesive materials. Not included is plaster repairs,hanging of liner paper,[needed for certain paper installations],Wa sales tax, and removal of any existent wallcovering.

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